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Unique aesthetic characteristics of ceramic decorative art

November 29, 2021

China has a long history of ceramics. Ceramics bear China's rich cultural background. With the continuous development of technology, ceramic decoration presents colorful artistic charm, enriches the expressiveness of ceramics and endows more artists with connotation. As a unique art form in China, ceramic decorative art exists in daily life and is developed through people's inheritance and innovation. Artists use unique art to add different cultural elements to ceramic decoration to highlight unique beauty.

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Since ancient times, it has been praised as "white as jade, bright as a mirror, thin as paper and sound as a chime". This evaluation undoubtedly brings the best interpretation of beauty to ceramic materials. The texture beauty of ceramic decorative materials shows the texture and visual effect through the materials to reflect the decorative attributes of materials, form various forms and aesthetic characters, and endow different products with the characteristics of different artificial graphic beauty. Decoration inherits formal beauty. After thousands of years of evolution, decorative art has not lost its original charm, but more reflects the beauty of Oriental Art. Today, from the modeling of many utensils, we can see that the early art reveals the law of formal beauty, which comes more from life and practice. Decorative patterns are rich and diverse, with personalized and diversified characteristics, unique formal thinking, and formal beauty is better reflected in decorative art, which has practical significance.

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