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Japanese household ceramic windmill plate

November 29, 2021

The ceramic windmill plate of Japanese plants and flowers, with different patterns, brings different colors. The Moroccan tone combined with tradition and modernity forms a bright and bright color style. The exquisite and complicated patterns are simple and not simple. Tableware not only warms the stomach, but also warms the whole family. The random mix and match style reflects the personalized style and adds a different flavor to life.

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The healthy and environment-friendly underglaze color process is adopted to isolate the coating of food and pigment, which makes people more comfortable to eat. It is made by firing at high temperature. The color is fresh and bright, making the tableware look pleasing to the eye. Lead free and cadmium free, green ingredients, environmental protection, safety and protection of family health. The porcelain is fine and smooth, the whole is transparent and bright, and the complex process makes the delicate and crystal glaze, exudes an elegant atmosphere, with high durability, durability and easy cleaning. The outer pattern uses natural plant patterns to increase the humanistic atmosphere, which is no longer monotonous. The bottom is not glazed, which plays the role of anti-skid. A good set of tableware, full of delicious food you prepared for your family.

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