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Personalized design of daily ceramics

November 29, 2021

Personalized design should be an appropriate green design with the goal of creating a more perfect living environment for human beings. It is not only the specific expression of the combination of consumer psychology and design thought, but also to meet diversified consumption, enrich people's daily life and realize self value. With the change of modern production mode, China's daily-use ceramics has gradually developed from small handicraft workshops to mechanized and automatic production mode. The products produced have brought rich and diverse products to people, which can be seen that there is a lack of personalized products.

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Ceramic art forms mainly embody two aspects: Modeling and decoration. Modeling design will also be restricted by some objective factors, such as functional form and material technology. First, on the premise that daily-use ceramics meet people's practical needs, master the technology of technology, create new ceramic materials and adopt corresponding processing methods, Show personalized charm. In terms of decoration design, in modern society, there are various colors of decoration, such as decal paper, color mud, hand painting, etc. there are many products that reflect the spirit of the times and meet the aesthetic needs of modern people. Daily ceramics are no exception. From the current market, it can be seen that designers are infiltrating personalized elements from the modeling and decoration of daily-use ceramics. From the perspective of consumers, we need to combine their needs and appreciation to create personalized products with a sense of the times.

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