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The development concept of contemporary ceramic design

November 28, 2021

In ceramic aesthetic nature and living under the trend of development, how to make a breakthrough on the design, how to capture the public's inner needs, how to in the design closely follow the changes of The Times, how can you just walk out of the way to develop your own ceramic, this is the best contemporary ceramic design professionals to think.

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With the improvement of people's cultural level and aesthetic level, the public is no longer satisfied with the use of the original function of ceramic products, which requires a new breakthrough in aesthetics, art, appreciation and other aspects. So for contemporary ceramic designer, if you still insist on the continuation of traditional aesthetics to ceramic design, it is difficult to keep up with the trend of The Times, and only by inheritance can't satisfy people's growing material needs and spiritual needs, so many ceramic designers are actively thinking about how to change, how to innovate, how to get out of the new path of contemporary ceramic design. Ceramic design has always emphasized beautiful and practical, natural and real feeling, and today's designers still need to form design plans for different age needs and functional design to meet people's diverse needs. The characteristics of The Times can be reflected from the firing method, glazing process and appearance design of ceramics. Innovation needs to start from these aspects. Contemporary ceramic design must break through the boundaries of western culture, making contemporary ceramic design to a more open mode and environment.


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