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How to create new competitive advantage in ceramic industry

November 28, 2021

At present, when China's ceramic enterprises are confronted with internal and external troubles, they should first solve the innovation-driven problem. Nowadays, ceramic enterprises are promoting the transformation from "Made in China" to "created in China" and then to "made in China". In the upgrading from a big country to a strong country, they need to go out of the old development stage of imitation and replication and open up a new period of innovative development.

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1. Create new innovation-driven advantages: Innovation-driven is the only way to achieve the goal of transformation and upgrading. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of independent brands, which is the symbol of strength and the real advantage of market competition. Whether it is research and development, design, creativity, or creation, brand, everything needs innovation. Not only to adapt to the domestic market, but also for the international market.

2. Create new advantages of green manufacturing: in recent years, we are facing the hat of "three high" industry, one of the key industries of pollution control, and must realize the green of ceramic enterprises. Green innovation and green development of ceramic enterprises should be promoted to improve the level of new energy and clean production.

3. Create new advantages of quality and cost: in the face of market competition under the new normal and new situations, new situations and new problems, ceramic enterprises should create competitive advantages of quality and cost from the perspective of development and international position. Ceramic enterprises should strengthen the sense of quality and service, carry forward the craftsman spirit, pursue excellence, improve management level and pay attention to scientific and technological innovation.

4. Create new advantages of "going global" : Actively carrying out international cooperation, making full use of the Belt and Road Initiative, and promoting the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing in the international market competition are also new advantages created under the new normal.


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