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How to boil a new casserole pot

November 28, 2021

Casserole is a kind of cooking utensil commonly used by Chinese people. Casserole is a kind of pot made of sand woven pottery. Casserole pot has many advantages, so it is favored by Chinese people. The main one is that casserole pot has strong moisturizing ability, and it is not easy to lose nutrients when cooking soup and stew. The casserole looks simple, but the dishes are so inviting and warm that people want to join in the shopping. So, how should we boil a new casserole pot for the first time to get better maintenance

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1. Soak a casserole pot in water for a day to absorb enough water, and then add enough water to wash rice.

2. Cook the rice for 10 minutes until the starch in the water fills the creases in the casserole.

3. Pour out the sago water and use the new casserole after the above steps. It will not break due to uneven heating.

4. Dry casserole with a cloth.

5. Finally, turn the casserole upside down and place it on the cabinet to air dry.

Note: If there are small cracks in the casserole, as long as the cracks are not very deep, go through step 1.2 and pour into the rice washing pot again, you can fill the small cracks.

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