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Common ground between modern ceramic art and traditional ceramic art

November 27, 2021

Ceramics is the earliest art form in the history of human civilization. This form is the simplest and simplest of all arts. From ceramics, we can understand the connotation of an era culture and a country's national spirit. Modern ceramic art is related to traditional ceramic art by blood, but it is not a simple repetition and extension of traditional ceramic art. There are similarities between them.

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1. Materials: they are both clay and clay. Through the application of cognition and mastery of clay and the change of materials, people's concept, wisdom, imagination and creativity become a material morphological entity. The material of ceramic art is also an important reason with a long history.

2. Handicrafts: traditional handicrafts are the great crystallization of human civilization and have brought development and convenience to human life. As a human activity, handcraft is a sign. It can best maintain the authenticity of works of art. Whether it is now or in the future, the charm of handcraft is the basis of ceramic art, which is linked with ceramic activities in different periods and different value orientations.

3. Firing process: firing is the unity of man and nature. The firing process is full of expectation and long-lasting attraction. The firing process brings people a sense of mystery and unknown human factors, which is the happiness of ceramic creation.

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