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Exquisite pearl shell coffee cup and plate set

November 27, 2021

The gradual changing shell pearl cup is a tableware with dreamy pearl color. It appears in the shape of shell and decorated with pearls. The colors reflected from different angles of colored glaze are dazzling. The mood floats in a quiet atmosphere and quietly tastes the fresh leisure time.

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High quality porcelain clay is selected as raw material. After high-temperature firing, the glaze has high gloss. Healthy underglaze color is adopted. The porcelain is fine, the edge is round, not easy to hide dirt and dirt, and has strong durability. Full of interesting pearl ornaments, dazzling, comfortable handle, anti scalding and convenient, natural and chic, adding a sense of ceremony to life. The pearly glaze is light, luxurious and generous, exquisite and exquisite, with a good texture, like an exquisite work of art. The bottom of each cup and dish is ground smooth, which can effectively prevent slip. Daily can be used to make milk, coffee or drink juice is a good choice.

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