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Fashionable and creative storage tray ornaments

November 27, 2021

Nordic style stores furnishings at home, with vivid and interesting shapes and vivid details. The comfortable color matching is suitable for families with different styles and improves the style of home, which is beautiful and practical. Both for personal use and gifts are very decent, which not only meets the quality of young people's simple life, but also does not lose the color of life. Effective use of space, multi-functional storage to meet daily needs.

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It is made of resin, with vivid shape, natural color, smooth and soft. The use of hand-painted technology can not only be used as ornaments, but also store things. One thing is multi-purpose, creative and practical. Give the home a little more artistic sense, light luxury and rich texture. Stainless steel metal tray can accommodate all kinds of items. It can be used as decoration. The room can be placed on the dressing table, cloakroom, bedroom bedside, desk and partition board. The exquisite shape can instantly heal your heart. This girl is lovely and interesting. She gives you beautiful childhood memories and healing power. Lovely shape, add a simple beauty to your life, make rational use of space, and make your life scattered.

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