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The difference between a milk pot and a soup pot

November 27, 2021

In daily life, there are many in the family kitchen, such as soup pot and milk pot. As the name suggests, soup pot is mainly a kind of pot used to cook soup. It has a large volume and can cook a lot of food. In addition to cooking soup, it can also cook porridge, stew and so on. As the name suggests, the milk pot is a pot for hot milk. It is small and has a long handle for people to take and put.

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1. Appearance: the milk pot usually has a long handle, while the soup pot has a U-shaped handle on both sides, which is convenient to take and more worry-free in the process of use.

2. Volume: the volume of the milk pot is relatively small, and the food that can be boiled at one time is also relatively small. It is used to boil milk or small capacity food, while the volume of the soup pot is relatively large, and there are more food that can be boiled. It is suitable for use when there are many people. It is simple, generous and practical.

Practical aspects:

In terms of use, the soup pot is more practical. Because the milk pot is more convenient for hot milk, the food cooked is also relatively limited, and the amount of cooking is not large; The soup pot can also heat milk. Due to its large volume, a cup of hot milk may only fill the bottom of the soup pot. Soup pot can cook more food at a time. You need to cook porridge, soup and stew. Choosing soup pot is more practical.

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