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Design idea of daily ceramics

November 27, 2021

China is a large producer of household ceramics, and its output has continued to rise for several consecutive years. At this stage, due to the modern production, the number of products exceeds the social demand, the selectivity and elimination of products increase, and most people's requirements for the design of daily-use ceramics continue to increase. The products are facing fierce market competition and challenges. Therefore, the traditional design principle of "practicality, economy and beauty" of daily-use ceramics must be updated and coordinated by establishing a scientific and systematic design idea suitable for the development of the times.

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Some people say that "theory is the cornerstone of practice", and action without ideological guidance is blind.   With the development of the times, many modern factors are constantly added to the production and design of ceramics, which is an indispensable part of daily necessities.

1. Scientificity: Nowadays, the design of daily-use ceramics abroad has made great development. It is indispensable to base on the progress of science and technology and use high technology, new technology and new equipment to improve the quality of products. It is to endow the "inanimate" substances such as science and technology, equipment and materials to the soul and make them "living" substances. The design of modern daily-use ceramics meets the process requirements of modern intelligent and mechanized mass production, and the modeling form is simple and generous.

2. Aesthetics of the times: there are different aesthetic views in different periods. The form of beauty is constantly updated and changing. Therefore, decoration and beauty cannot remain unchanged. Today's people no longer meet the needs of material culture, but more pursue the spiritual needs.

3. Marketability: suitable for the needs of consumers,   Meet its needs and be competitive with each other. Different periods, different families, different living standards, lifestyles, customs, hobbies and taboos have different understandings of product modeling and color.

4. Economy: for consumers to be good and cheap, for enterprises to create economic benefits. However, many Chinese enterprises rarely realize the importance of design and pursue the period of quantity. It can be said that there is a huge consumption of raw materials, manpower and economy.

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