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What is Chinese pottery

November 26, 2021

In a sense, pottery has become a synonym of Chinese civilization. Its origin began with the creation of fire civilization. At the beginning, it was all kinds of utensils created by our ancestors through soil and fire, from the earliest pottery, primitive porcelain and porcelain. With the development of society, ceramic art exists as an arts and crafts closely related to people's daily life. Ceramic art is an art form combining Chinese traditional ancient culture and modern art.

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As a comprehensive art, ceramic art has experienced a long and complex accumulation of cultural inheritance, which has an inseparable inheritance and comparison relationship with painting, sculpture, design and other arts and crafts. China's ceramic culture has a long history, and ceramic culture has a long way to go. After long-term development, ceramic art has become the running in of our modern life. It presents a harmonious aesthetic feeling with human living environment, a trend of integration and symbiosis, which has a subtle impact on our life. Ceramic art is becoming an important art category in China, and gradually grows up. More and more artists participate in and engage in this category, which integrates interest and creativity. Ceramic art is the main force to explore the beauty of life and reflects the elegance and interest in our life.

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