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The difference between traditional ceramics and modern ceramics

November 26, 2021

Traditional ceramics in ceramic art is mainly based on realism, derived from life, based on life, rational and rigorous. The theme of traditional oriental culture is dignified and simple, while modern ceramics are full of characteristics of the times and have more abstract romantic formal beauty. Taking the creator's subjective consciousness as the design language, they have jointly cast the rich and colorful design concept of modern ceramic art.

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1. Glaze: the main observation is gloss. Because the age of ancient porcelain is relatively long, the glaze usually has a moist feeling. Many lights on modern porcelain are floating, which is a little dazzling compared with traditional ceramics.

2. Modeling: the modeling of traditional porcelain is simple and natural, and porcelain of different times has distinctive characteristics of the times. Modern porcelain is more diversified, personalized and bright colors.

3. Pigments: ancient ceramics are natural pigments with low purity and coarse particle size. The colors of pigments in different parts are also different. Modern ceramics are chemical products with strong coverage, no sense of permeability, gorgeous color and clear boundary.

4. Bubbles: the glaze bubbles of traditional ceramics vary in size, while modern ceramics have fine bubbles.


China is a large porcelain country with a history of forging for thousands of years. Ceramics have become an indispensable precious heritage of human civilization.

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