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How to distinguish the quality of casserole

November 26, 2021

In today's society, most ceramic casseroles are made by firing spodumene and several or even dozens of materials at high temperature. Spodumene has the characteristics of low expansion, high temperature resistance and not easy to crack. In the market, the quality of ceramic casseroles is also difficult to distinguish, and it is also the question point of many consumers. Then, how should we distinguish the quality of casseroles?

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1. Look at the color: generally, white or light colored casseroles are the safest. The content of iron oxide in the white pot body is the least. The less the color in the glaze, the better. The brightly colored pot surface, the higher the possibility of heavy metals in the glaze.

2. Touch the surface: the surface is bright and uniform, the hand feels smooth and comfortable, and there are no cracks inside and outside. Such a casserole has a long service life and is not easy to crack. If the surface is uneven and the grain feeling is obvious, the casserole shall be purchased carefully.

3. Knocking sound: whether the sound of knocking on the lid and edge of the pot is crisp, clear and reverberating, and the sintering degree is good.

4. Fiddle with modeling: a good casserole has a reasonable structure and is placed flat. Turn the lid, and the lid and the pot body are closely attached to each other.

5. Water seepage: add eight minutes of water into the casserole and observe it after 3-5 minutes to see if there is leakage inside and outside the casserole. If there is no water leakage, it indicates that it is normal.

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