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Principles of kitchen utensils purchase

November 26, 2021

As the saying goes, "food is the most important thing for the people", which is not only the thing we contact most in our daily life, but also an important place for us. When decorating the home, the layout of the kitchen must be very key. How should we go to the kitchen store to buy suitable kitchenware? The kitchen is a place where we often cook, and many kitchen supplies will be used. No matter what material and type of supplies we choose, we need to master some purchase principles.

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1. Hygiene principle: kitchen utensils should have the ability to resist pollution and the function of preventing contaminated food such as small animals, so as to ensure the internal quality of kitchen utensils and the hygiene of family meals.

2. Principle of convenience: there should be a reasonable process for kitchen operation, and the arrangement of various parts of kitchen utensils should be designed according to the correct process, which is very convenient and important for future use. For example, when cooking, we should consider the height of the stove and the position of the hanging cabinet.

3. Principle of beauty: Kitchenware not only requires pleasing shape and color, but also durable, which requires that the kitchen has the functions of anti pollution and easy cleaning, and the surface material needs the ability to resist oil stain and oil fume.

4. Principle of fire prevention: the kitchen is the only area in each household where open fire is used. The fire prevention and flame retardancy of materials determines the safety problem.

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