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The history of Chinese ceramics

November 25, 2021

The emergence and development of ceramics are actually closely linked with people's life and production practice. In the long history of human development, using the different properties of water, fire and earth, man first attempted to transform the creation of nature ---- pottery. After thousands of years, our ancestors bred a new substance to create warm and elegant porcelain.


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The birth of porcelain is a long process, the highly developed pottery technology in the Neolithic age laid a technical foundation for the emergence of porcelain. The invention of porcelain was based on the continuous development and improvement of pottery technology. The leap from pottery to porcelain required three breakthroughs: the application of porcelain clay, the invention of glazes and the improvement of cave furnaces. The Shang Dynasty marked the germination of the beginning, the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period were further developed, and the middle and late Eastern Han Dynasty marked the completion of the process of porcelain creation. Ceramics is to meet the material needs of social life, but also the cultural carrier of sustenance and noble character.

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