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Nordic rectangular double ear ceramic pan baking plate tableware

November 25, 2021

Marble golden pattern Nordic two ear pot, two colors can be selected, frosted black, calm and luxurious, matte white, quiet and elegant, with gold frame, light luxury, durable and practical. It is made of matte glaze fired at high temperature. With the gilding design of marble, it presents a beautiful scenery.

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Creative modeling design, marble gold grain elements. The glaze is smooth and glossy, delicate and easy to clean. Creative pot holder with candle holder design, slow heating makes the taste more lasting. Ring handle, with cover button, more convenient to carry, anti overflow air guide hole, exhaust and anti overflow. Visual glass cover, grasp the cooking progress at any time, handle design, easy to take. The pot body is decorated with marble, which adds a sense of light luxury and looks good. Three sizes, large, medium and small, can be selected to meet daily needs. The scene is versatile and suitable for a variety of home styles to create a romantic food life for you.

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