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Japanese baking tray bowl and tableware set combination

The tableware of modern simple baking tray series is a high-value and practical tableware, so that you can elegantly enjoy exquisite and delicious food at home. The shapes and colors of this series are very idyllic and elegant. Each pattern is vivid and interesting, full of girl's heart. The design is fresh and beautiful, and a variety of designs and colors can be selected to add a color to the food and make life more beautiful.

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The craftsman adopts exquisite underglaze color technology to isolate food and pigment layer, which is durable, healthy, environmental protection and safety, making people feel more at ease. The glaze is warm and smooth, the glaze color is fine and full, with texture and comfortable touch. It is as clean as new when wiped with water. High quality porcelain clay is selected and calcined at high temperature. It can be used in microwave oven, dishwasher, oven, etc. Rich color matching, you can choose according to your personal preferences. Make life more fun and more ritual.

  1. 1.Colorful two ear baking tray, intimate two ear design, convenient lifting and holding, convenient anti scalding, integrated design, solid and durable, beautiful and practical.

  2. 2.The single handle baking tray has fine porcelain and round edges. Single handle design, easy to handle, non slip and not hot. A multi-purpose plate, salad, fruit, baking, frying, baked rice, etc.

  3. 3.The flexible petal edge is exquisite and elegant, beautiful curve, soft and smooth, and the bottom is not glazed, which plays a role of anti-skid.

  4. 4.Handle salad bowl, anti scald handle design, effective heat insulation, proper end holding, easy and elegant serving. The bottom stripe anti-skid design makes the tabletop not slide, and the heating is more uniform.

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