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Disinfection method of ceramic tableware

November 24, 2021

As an important part of food safety, tableware is not only an indispensable daily necessities for every family, but also an important role to play. For us who are increasingly pursuing the quality of life, the cleanliness of tableware is no longer limited to simple cleaning with detergent. Compared with detergent, it only has the function of cleaning and no sterilization. Therefore, in order to ensure the hygiene of tableware, we should disinfect it in time. So, what are the disinfection methods of tableware?

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1. Boiling disinfection: it is applicable to the disinfection of most household tableware. Put the washed dishes, chopsticks and other tableware vertically into the pot, add clean water to immerse the sterilized tableware, and then boil for 5-15 minutes to achieve the disinfection effect

2. Disinfection by ultraviolet rays of sunlight: ultraviolet rays of sunlight have strong sterilization ability. After washing the tableware, it can be disinfected and sterilized by exposing it to the sun for more than 40 minutes

3. Dishwasher disinfection: dishwasher is a machine integrating disinfection and cleaning, which is convenient to use. In the process of disinfection, it needs to be carried out according to the disinfection time and temperature, so as to ensure the disinfection effect

4. Disinfection of disinfection cabinet: the disinfection cabinet has ozone, infrared lamp and other types. Put the tableware in the disinfection cabinet for 15-20 minutes to achieve the disinfection effect

5. Immersion disinfection: tableware that is not resistant to high temperature, especially those that are easy to burst and deform, can be soaked with disinfectant such as bleaching powder. During immersion, it must be noted that the solution must not exceed the tableware in order to achieve the disinfection effect

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