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Light luxury high-grade dry flower iron decorative ornaments

November 24, 2021

Light luxury is an element that can be integrated with a variety of decorative styles to improve the grade. The shape of the ring and the texture of metal reflect the charming luster and create a light and luxurious home atmosphere. The high-grade metal with simple ceramics exudes an elegant and chic temperament. The metal frame is inserted with flowers, presenting different visual beauty.

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The vase is made of high-quality ceramics. It can hold water and raise flowers. It is beautiful, generous and practical. The combination of metal and ceramic gold plating, beautiful metal lines and metal double ring shape create a light and luxurious home atmosphere for the space. The combination of double ring orange bottle and white Hydrangea bouquet is beautiful and unique. Peacock dancers twist like graceful wickers, which is intoxicating. Bright color, warm touch, fine polishing. The hollowing technique is lifelike. This high-grade decoration is suitable for TV cabinet, wine cabinet, office, living room, bedroom, etc.

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