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Strengthen ceramic brand publicity

November 23, 2021

The brand image of each enterprise can help consumers understand the enterprise more intuitively, strengthen the management of enterprise brand image, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and better maintain the image of enterprises. At the same time, we should also strengthen the publicity of ceramic brands to enable consumers to better understand the brand. Brand construction is an important factor in the development of a ceramic enterprise.

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1. Strengthen network publicity: as the primary position of enterprise brand image publicity, the enterprise's official website should fully display and introduce its information, display enterprise culture and image, ceramic culture, etc., and publicize and promote the value proposition and positioning of the brand. Tiktok, WeChat official account and other popular platforms are also available.

2. Pay attention to outdoor advertising: use outdoor advertising to provide publicity pictures of ceramic products and broadcast publicity films in major public places

3. Combine ceramic cultural tourism resources with education for publicity: Ceramic competitions in primary and secondary schools can be held regularly to make full use of educational resources; Encourage enterprises to flexibly gather the power of capital, build distinctive ceramic cultural tourist attractions, form a tourist route and become their own characteristics, so as to carry out publicity

4. Strengthen the role of TV, newspapers and other media: Ceramic channels and columns of ceramic brands can be set up

5. Guide and help enterprises to enhance their awareness of creating their own brand: actively participate in various ceramic Expo activities, invite customers at home and abroad to participate, increase mutual exchanges, and make full use of various activities to expand the popularity of the brand.

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