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Maintenance method of bone china tableware

November 23, 2021

Bone china is a special product of the court and a treasure of Noble Collection in history because of its unique shape, simple and bright, white and delicate texture, beautiful and elegant shape, moist and bright color surface and colorful flower surface. The finished bone porcelain is light, fine and hard, not easy to wear and crack, has moderate light transmittance and thermal insulation, and has a unique and natural milky color. So, what are the ways to maintain bone china?

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1. There are scratches on the surface, which can be gently polished with toothpaste; When cleaning with wet cloth or hand, pay attention not to use too much force to avoid scratching porcelain.

2. If there is tea stain, it can be cleaned with lemon juice or vinegar

3. It is better not to heat or cool suddenly to avoid cracking

4. When the surface is stained with oil, clean it with warm water, and the water temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃

5. Be sure to wash by hand, not by dishwasher; Dishwashers should be selected with the function of "porcelain and crystal"

6. If the product does not indicate that the microwave oven is available, please do not heat it in the microwave oven, otherwise it will corrode Phnom Penh.

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