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Characteristics of bone china tableware

November 23, 2021

There are many kinds of tableware used in our daily life, such as ceramics, bone porcelain, glazed porcelain, etc. nowadays, general ceramics and bone porcelain are more popular, because they are a little more high-grade than ceramic tableware, but many people don't have a special understanding of this kind of tableware, so what are the characteristics of bone porcelain tableware? Bone china is not only a daily necessities, but also an integration of art and luxury goods.

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1. Exquisite and beautiful porcelain: delicate and soft, strong light transmittance, beautiful and generous appearance, which has different texture and brightness from ordinary porcelain

2. Good thermal insulation performance: Bone China is better than traditional ceramics. You can feel different feelings when making tea

3. Health and environmental protection: most bone ceramics are low lead or lead-free products

4. The shape of the vessel is regular: the surface is bright and the glaze texture is good

5. Good strength, thin carcass and light specific gravity: bone porcelain and ordinary bone porcelain have different components and strong wear resistance

6. Product grade: profound historical heritage, with dual value of use and art

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