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Intelligent status of ceramic industry

November 22, 2021

"Intelligent manufacturing" has far-reaching significance for the development of ceramic enterprises. It comprehensively realizes the interconnection and interaction of equipment and production line, improves production efficiency through digital integration, and then realizes the upgrading and transformation of production control mode to achieve intelligence. At present, it is advancing rapidly in the direction of confidence and intelligence.

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With the continuous improvement of the level of automation, ceramic tile production mode forward development, undoubtedly facing the challenge of information. In this era of big data, it is widely used in the era of new industries and the informatization of manufacturing industry, especially the informatization of ceramic tile industry. In recent years, in the process of relying on big data, enterprises cannot achieve production in the real sense if they cannot realize the sharing of these data, and thus cannot reduce the production cost of enterprises. Intelligent manufacturing is inseparable from the support of big data, we should not only realize the data interaction between people and machines, realize the data interaction between machines, use the information age, so as to achieve "intelligent" forward. Ceramic enterprises want to take the train of intelligent manufacturing, quickly affect the rapidly changing market demand, as far as possible to reduce production costs, save raw materials, reduce consumption and other consumption, improve product yield rate, occupy the leading position in the domestic and foreign markets.

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