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Ceramic industry strives to develop towards intelligence

November 22, 2021

In recent years, from the upgrading of the ceramic industry, we can see that China's manufacturing industry is developing rapidly. Whether it is the development of internal manufacturing enterprises or the application of automation in the industrial field, we can see that there is progress. However, when labor is gradually liberated from the production line, can the intellectualization of the ceramic industry match the current situation at that time?

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With the slowdown of economic growth, the ceramic industry has entered a period of market downturn, and some potential problems have also been exposed. The production capacity has increased, the demand has decreased, the cost has increased, and the competition between industries is becoming more and more obvious. In the past, people often developed the model of extensive economy. Now enterprises need to start a new process in a new way. Some professors believe that our enterprises should improve the level of full automation of production and gradually realize intellectualization. It is necessary to combine the characteristics of ceramic products with the ideas and methods of intelligent manufacturing to reflect the characteristics of intelligence and automation. The so-called "intelligent factory" requires intelligent production, data analysis and monitoring without artificial state, which is also the direction of our future development. At the same time, intelligence can bring convenience. Many jobs are replaced by robots, and the craftsman spirit still exists and cannot be erased. While pursuing excellent quality, it constantly improves the brand of the enterprise and the overall phenomenon of the ceramic industry. Therefore, we should change our thinking, innovate and develop, cultivate our own development advantages, learn from each other, establish our own development model, study and tap the development of the industry, and strive to develop intelligently.

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