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How to distinguish "pottery" from "porcelain"

November 22, 2021

"Pottery" and "porcelain" are the art produced by the collision between earth and fire. Pottery was invented first, while porcelain was invented later. Although "pottery" and "porcelain" are called "ceramics", there is still a big gap between them. The culture of ceramics has a long history and has been bred for thousands of years. As early as the Neolithic age, our ancestors burned the most primitive pottery. So what's the difference between "pottery" and "porcelain"?

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1. Different raw materials

Tao: ordinary clay is used

Porcelain: porcelain clay is used, that is, kaolin

2. Different firing temperatures

Tao: it's usually about 900 degrees Celsius

Porcelain: it can be fired at a high temperature of 1200-1300 ℃

3. Different hardness

Pottery: low firing temperature and poor matrix hardness

Porcelain: the firing temperature is high, the matrix is basically sintered, the sound is crisp when knocking, and the hardness is high

4. Different water absorption

Tao: strong water absorption, easy to absorb water

Porcelain: weak water absorption, basically no water absorption

5. Different transparency

Pottery: the green body is relatively thin and will not appear translucent

Porcelain: no matter how thin or thick the carcass is, it will be translucent

6. Different glazes

Pottery: no glaze or only low-temperature glaze

Porcelain: there is a layer of high-temperature glaze on the surface. The tire glaze is firmly combined with uniform thickness to achieve the purpose of beautification

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