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Classification of ceramic tableware

November 22, 2021

Ceramic tableware not only has practical value, but also has artistic value. It is made of clay or mixture containing clay. It has various shapes, colorful, cool and smooth feel, and is deeply loved by everyone. Different tableware has different characteristics, so how to choose ceramic tableware? What are the types and characteristics of ceramic tableware?

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1. Reinforced porcelain tableware

It is made of high-quality porcelain clay with aluminum and magnesium. It has the characteristics of collision resistance and fine hand feel. However, its color glaze is dark and has been replaced by magnesia reinforced porcelain and magnesia porcelain in the market.

2. Magnesia porcelain tableware

It is mainly made of talc rich in magnesium as the main raw material, with outstanding characteristics such as high strength and high stability. It is characterized by crystal clear, white and clean. It is the best choice in tableware. It also has the properties of acid-base resistance, lead-free and easy cleaning.

3. Magnesium reinforced porcelain tableware

Magnesium stone powder is used as the main raw material. It has the characteristics of high strength, smooth and bright glaze, high temperature resistance and not easy to scratch. It is a pollution-free green tableware.

4. Colored glaze tableware

Colored glazed porcelain is made by firing at high temperature. It belongs to underglaze ceramics and is a characteristic tableware.

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