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Nordic Light luxury ceramic water set

November 22, 2021

This light and luxurious ceramic water appliance is not afraid of high temperature and is suitable for all seasons; Comfortable color matching, retro flavor, and Phnom Penh embellishment that adds charm to the dining table show light and luxurious texture. Exquisite craft area with texture, fine workmanship, not easy to fall off and fade, and swing shooting shows the taste style.

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High quality ceramic material, high temperature resistance, smooth lines of kettle, simple Phnom Penh embellishment and full style. The spout is broken, the water falls smoothly, and the water is poured easily. Comfortable handle, wide handle design, comfortable grip. Cup holder hook, metal plating process, not easy to rust, easy to store. Golden Deer modeling design and gourd modeling tray, homonymous with Wei Fulu, implying that both blessing and wealth are complete, exquisite and chic. It is most suitable for gift giving. It is suitable for placing lamps in living room, bedroom and dining room, which is both beautiful and practical. With high-end packaging gift box, it is a good choice whether for personal use or for relatives and friends.

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