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Can all the glassware be put in the microwave

November 21, 2021

Along with society's progress, convenient and quick microwave into the homes of the kitchen, what container, and use the food in the microwave heating, with transparent appearance and stability of the glass tableware become the choice of many people, there are a variety of programs to choose from, however, are all glass tableware can be used in the microwave?

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The glass tableware commonly used on the market has 3 kinds at present: common glass, tempered glass, high borosilicate glass. Although glass can withstand high temperatures, each type of glass can withstand different extreme temperature differences. Ordinary glass anti-thermal expansion and cold contraction performance is very poor, easy to occur the phenomenon of bursting; Tempered glass can be heated in the microwave oven in general, but the quality of a lot of products on the market is uneven, there is a certain risk. High borosilicate glass high temperature resistance, strong penetration, heat resistance, can withstand the temperature difference is about 150 degrees Celsius, do not worry about the phenomenon of cracking in the microwave oven, but also can be heated in the oven. To sum up, ordinary glass tableware and toughened glass tableware are not suitable for microwave oven use, it is recommended to buy high borosilicate glass tableware.

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