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The safety of ceramic tableware

November 21, 2021

When it comes to food safety, people often think of the problems from food first, but often ignore the safety risks in tableware. In fact, the quality and safety of tableware will also affect the safety and quality of food to a great extent, and then affect people's health. Accordingly, we need to know the safety problem of pottery and porcelain tableware.

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Nowadays, to the health and safety consciousness of pottery and porcelain tableware rose, the change and upgrade of consumer psychology of choose and buy, also made brand square need to roll out the product that suits market development and change. Ceramic tableware is the traditional tableware of our country, with no rust, no corrosion, no water absorption. The surface is hard and smooth, easy to wash, protect food flavor and other advantages, but ceramics containing lead and other heavy metals is also an inevitable problem in the production process for several years. The degree of damage mainly depends on the amount of heavy metals dissolved in use and absorbed by the human body. Therefore, we try not to use ceramic tableware with large areas of patterns in the interior, and the ceramic tableware after cleaning should be dried or dried in time; Wash old dishes with hot water before use. Cook food at high temperatures without overflowery elements. Ceramic tableware is not all safe, we need to choose carefully when buying, not blindly buy.

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