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Creative household dried fruit tray lattice glass candy dessert tray with cover

Light and luxurious glass fruit dish with cover, one taste and one grid, and a variety of delicacies are stored by categories, which reduces the trouble of flavor stringing and is convenient for cleaning. Whether it's fresh fruit snacks or crispy and delicious food, you can dress up all the time. The color is bright and bright, light and delicate in a leisurely time.

Make rational use of every inch of space to save space. It can be used to hold dried fruits, snacks, fruits, etc., making it more convenient for you to store small objects.

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Light luxury environmental protection iron art with golden handle, thickened iron raw materials, uniform coloring, environmental protection and health. Hand tracing, full color, handle, comfortable and stable, used for personal use or entertaining guests, polite and decent. High quality glass, crystal clear, sub packaged food can be seen at a glance. Stacked layers, convenient storage, space saving, convenient cleaning, not easy to hide dirt. One dish, one cover, effective preservation, dustproof, antifouling and moisture-proof, hygiene and peace of mind. Different textures of glass and ceramics collide with different sparks, bringing you a different sense of romantic ceremony.

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