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Bottlenecks encountered by ceramic industry in solving environmental protection problems

November 19, 2021

Environmental protection is a basic national policy and an important guarantee for building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society and implementing the strategy of sustainable development. Under the premise of increasing environmental pressure, ceramic enterprises have also actively carried out corresponding countermeasures in order to survive. For example, the large cost of waste gas treatment and whether the treatment effect can meet the national standards are also the bottleneck to solve the problem of environmental protection.

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1. Insufficient natural gas supply

In recent years, the price of natural gas has soared and the supply is in short supply. As a clean and efficient energy, the consumption is increasing and the market demand is becoming more and more obvious. The national energy administration put forward the requirement of "optimizing energy production and consumption structure, strictly reducing coal consumption and increasing natural gas clean energy". Ceramic enterprises that have completed the "coal to gas" have to pay attention to the supply of "natural gas". If the supply of natural gas is insufficient, the normal production of enterprises will be affected, and ceramic enterprises will also be in trouble. Therefore, ceramic enterprises need to think seriously about changing coal to gas, otherwise it will bring great losses to enterprises, which is also a problem we should think about.

2. Waste gas treatment cost

The difficulty of ceramic enterprises in environmental protection construction is mainly the high cost of waste gas treatment. Ceramic enterprises have always been concerned about the rise in the price of coal to gas and natural gas. Now, the cost of waste gas treatment also begins to increase. If the desulfurization tower is started to operate, the reagent cost of equipment operation is expensive, and the price will make many enterprises retreat.

3. Impact of sell-off technology on ceramic environmental protection

With the increasingly severe current environmental situation, nitrogen oxide treatment is the "stumbling block" in front of pollution control of ceramic enterprises. The main reasons are as follows: first, the out of stock cost is very large, and the expensive cost is difficult to accept in many ceramic industries; Secondly, the out of stock technology is not mature. Therefore, in order to completely control nitrogen oxides, environmental protection companies should develop some advanced technologies.

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