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European style court elegant horse figure light luxury ceramic tableware set

November 19, 2021

The steed has a vigorous posture and steps on auspicious clouds, which means the boiling of career, fame, study and wealth. The horse is also a kind of spiritual animal. Its elegant appearance and dragon horse spirit are the sustenance of people's spirit. Every product is a work of art. We live in the art world and make it a part of our daily life. Unique creativity, outstanding design and tableware bring a different color to the table.

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It is made of high-quality ceramics and fired at high temperature. It is durable and fadeless. It can isolate food and color layers, and put food in peace of mind. Smooth glaze, fine texture, comfortable touch, easy to clean and maintain. The craftsman's hand-painted gold painting process, combined with warm ceramics, is elegant and textured, showing a small life full of style and exquisite decoration. The design of rhombic grain and horizontal grain, the bottom is not glazed, which has the function of anti-skid. The lines are soft and smooth, generous and luxurious. The utensil type is unique and can be selected to meet the needs of daily life. It should be complete in plate setting or baking.

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