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Nordic creative Double Cup Gift Mug Set

November 18, 2021

The cup of embossed three-dimensional animals and fashionable lovers shows a touch of retro style and exudes a charming and elegant atmosphere. Tone and simple shape, light and luxurious appearance, just like an art painting on the table, bring you beautiful visual enjoyment. The simple art integrates the room into the simple life of modern northern Europe.

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Yilu has your mug, made of high-quality Bone China, white as jade, bright as a mirror and sweet as a sound. The exquisite glaze of classic Chinese red is smooth and delicate, with a small golden spoon. The tray at the bottom of the smiling face is not glazed at the bottom, which is more stable and non slip, making people fall in love and love at first sight. Hand painted gold handle, thick handle, reduce the pressure on the hand, feel comfortable, take it stably, the vision is not monotonous, elegant and beautiful. The lively and leading relief pattern of small animal lovers has a concave convex feel and full of warmth. The cup cover is a peach heart cap with groove design, and the spoon is embedded with the cup mouth. There is no glaze at the bottom of the cup, which makes the placement more stable and non slip. Simple Chinese style, low-key, small luxury.

Creative couple cup, embossed three-dimensional shape, unique creativity and vivid, full of texture. The porcelain is dense, fired at high temperature, wear-resistant and fadeless. The craftsman's hand-painted gilt border has a round, smooth and delicate edge, which is more intriguing with the gilt border technology. The gold painted handle is matched with the gold thread at the mouth of the cup. It feels delicate and comfortable, thick and durable, and easy to handle. The tray is easy to move, and the moving cup is labor-saving and convenient.

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