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Light luxury double-layer kitchen seasoning bottle combination set

November 18, 2021

The combination of green glaze seasoning cans, calm color matching, light luxury and versatile, the clean kitchen makes people pleasing to the eye, happy, the table is clean, the cooking is more convenient, and the cooking is orderly. Green glazed ceramic Fulu corner rack, green storage rack and transparent and chic seasoning cans and bottles add a beautiful scenery to the kitchen.

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The seasoning pot set adopts a double-layer design, one pot and one slot, with double-layer storage. It is a good partner in the kitchen. The oil pot body is made of lead-free glass, which is crystal clear, visible and healthy, and more comfortable to use. The round seasoning tank is provided with a groove, which can place seasoning spoons, one can and one spoonful, so as to prevent the flavor between seasonings, and the cover can play the role of moisture and mildew prevention. The press type hand-controlled spout can be opened at one press, which is convenient to open and close. It does not drip or hang oil. The dust-proof cover has good sealing performance. The double-layer coating design isolates the corrosive substances in the environment, and the iron frame is not easy to rust, showing a higher grade. The seasoning pot is placed in the depression to prevent slipping and falling, which is convenient for placement. The exquisite elk shape, exquisite and small, decorated with gold, makes the elk look more luxurious and beautiful, and adds a touch of style to life.

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