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Nordic simple fantasy dream tableware set

November 18, 2021

The fresh and simple fantasy dream, the collision between geometric elements and kitchen tableware, the collision of scientific symbols, combined with flexible tracing, has improved the style of the kitchen. This tableware is full of Japanese flavor, simple and natural, beautiful and chic. It can deduce a gentle little time and enjoy the Japanese atmosphere at home.

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Under glaze color technology is adopted to isolate food and coating layer. The color is bright and durable, healthy and environment-friendly, and more comfortable to use. The glaze is smooth, comfortable, hard and easy to clean. The bowl wall is thickened and raised to prevent scalding and easy to hold. It is made by firing at high temperature and can be used in microwave oven and oven. It is more convenient to heat three meals a day and the delicious food is further sublimated. 

Different types of utensils have different functions and have their own characteristics. They can hold different ingredients such as rice, spareribs soup and fruit salad to meet the pattern time for daily use. Fresh and simple Japanese patterns decorate the table with colors, making three meals a day delicious.

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