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The difference between glass tea set and ceramic tea set

November 17, 2021

In people's daily life, when it comes to tea sets, people think of purple clay pots and all kinds of ceramic tea sets for the first time. However, glass tea sets are rarely mentioned and used by people, which are forgotten by people. Compared with other tea sets, glass tea sets also have many advantages. What is the difference between glass tea sets and ceramic tea sets?

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1. Glass tea set

As the name suggests, the material is glass. In the process of making tea, you can also enjoy the changes in the brewing process of tea, the trend of tea and the changes of tea soup. Secondly, the glass material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance. The raw materials made of high borosilicate glass bear a large temperature difference and will not burst suddenly. Glass tea set is better for making tea because it is not easy to absorb the fragrance in tea. The inner wall is smooth, easy to clean, affordable and deeply loved by people.

2. Ceramic tea set

The material is ceramic. The tea set has various shapes, elegant, simple, beautiful and generous. It has good thermal insulation and can also cook tea on the stove. Make tea with ceramic tea sets. The tea tastes sweet and enjoys the fun and health of drinking tea. But it is not transparent and can not see the trend of tea in the tea set.

The biggest difference between the two is that the materials are different. Glass tea sets are transparent, ceramic tea sets are translucent, and the production process is also different. Ceramic tea sets have a long history of culture, and the production process is complex and exquisite. This is why many people like to collect ceramic tea sets. Both have their own characteristics, and choose their own tea set according to their personal preferences.

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