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Difference between high borosilicate glass and ordinary glass

November 17, 2021

Glass is now widely used in the market. Common glass materials include high borosilicate glass, ordinary glass, tempered glass, etc. for different glasses, their characteristics are often different. For example, we all know that the temperature difference that ordinary glass can withstand is 75 ℃, while the temperature difference that high borosilicate glass can withstand is about 150 ℃. Besides, what are the differences between them?

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From the appearance, high borosilicate glass is crystal clear and has high light transmittance; Ordinary glass has general permeability and low light transmittance. In terms of heat resistance, high borosilicate glass has high temperature resistance, high thermal stability and high temperature difference resistance. Even if it is directly put into cold water after boiling, it will not explode. It has strong fracture resistance, smooth inner wall and easy to clean. Ordinary glass will be broken due to temperature stress. In daily applications, ordinary glass is used in buildings, containers, decoration, etc. high borosilicate glass is used in solar energy, chemical industry, electric light source, pharmaceutical packaging and other industries. After processing, it can be applied to security monitoring, mine monitoring, explosion-proof monitoring, etc. its good performance has also been widely recognized by all walks of life in the world.

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