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How to buy fresh-keeping box

November 16, 2021

In daily life, many families will use the fresh-keeping box to save food. It is not only convenient and practical, but also can store food separately without flavor. It can prevent the release of water, play a sealing role, and prevent food from losing its original freshness during storage. However, there are also good or bad quality of fresh-keeping boxes. What should we pay attention to when we buy fresh-keeping boxes?

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1. Well sealed and fresh-keeping: the fresh-keeping box must depend on whether it is sealed. The sealing methods of products of different brands are different, but excellent sealing is a necessary condition for the lasting preservation of stored food. By sealing, the memory can avoid external influence.

2. Durability: whether it can withstand external impact or rapid temperature change, and whether it can preserve the surface without any trace in the dishwasher

3. Choose translucent or transparent

When in use, you can easily confirm the items in the box without opening the box

4. Versatility and diversity

The shape of the fresh-keeping box is different, and the corresponding fresh-keeping box can be purchased according to different food

5. Raw materials and sanitation

Whether it is harmful to human body or pollutes the environment, whether the material has frost resistance and heat resistance, and whether it can be frozen stored or used in microwave oven

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