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French retro relief hollowed out ceramic dinner plate

Wave lace plate, leisurely flowers and fresh branches and buds bloom in the utensils and scatter in the wind, which is elegant and beautiful. They are suitable for breakfast plate, Western food, dessert fruit plate, cake plate, etc. After high temperature firing, the surface of the white ceramic plate is smooth and delicate, and the red lines are exquisite and concise. When delicious food is put on the plate, people who know how to appreciate the beauty of food utensils like works of art will certainly be happy to enjoy delicious food.


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Hollowed out lace plate, creative hand-painted red lace, plate edge tilted, simple and clean, showing a different style. The edge of the plate is decorated with hand-painted strokes, which is fresh and elegant. This is a well-made glass dinner plate. It is made of simple and elegant white porcelain and decorated with hand-made flowers. It has a unique retro charm.

Romantic red lace is winding, with excellent beauty and beautiful atmosphere. Clean and elegant, with afternoon tea and dessert, it's very photogenic to take photos. Smart lace decorates the dinner plate and enjoy a pleasant afternoon tea time.

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