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Current situation of ceramic product design

November 16, 2021

Now we are facing a fast-paced lifestyle, which makes us need to change a lot in aesthetic needs, thinking mode and cultural cultivation. In recent years, different thinking ideologies have prompted art to keep the tradition and move towards diversification. Ceramic art has gone through thousands of years of history. Each era has different background, culture and value orientation. In the future development, designers should not only start with the design of ceramic art itself, but also combine various modern elements, but also combine their own emotions to design and create.

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Ceramic design has various methods, such as form, function, graphics and color, ceramic product design combined with other materials, the application of ceramic materials in other product design, etc. From the aspect of form, we can use the texture of ceramic products combined with the form of nature to design the shape, material and color of products. Ceramic materials have texture, heavy weight, high material density, hard and wear-resistant. Their products can be designed according to their characteristics. If you want to make ceramic products more vivid, you can describe your inner thoughts through simple overglaze color. In short, ceramic design can be based on a variety of ideas, or aesthetic and practical, or environmental protection or display the achievements of science and technology.

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