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Precautions for purchasing ceramic cutting tools

November 15, 2021

Knife is a tool that we usually use in the kitchen. It is a tool designed with ceramic blades made of ceramic materials. It can help us cut food. There are many kinds and brands of knives. It is particularly important to choose a practical knife. What should we pay attention to when buying cutting tools?

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1. Look at the surface: high quality ceramic tools have smooth surface, fine lines, no defects and thick blades. The inferior ceramic knife has black spots or gray spots, cracks, rough feel and thin blade.

2. Look at the details: its back, tip and head have been carefully polished and rounded to effectively avoid damaging the hand.

3. Look at the blade: the cutting edge line of high-quality ceramic knife is bright, fine, uniform and consistent. The ceramic blade line with low quality is thick, wide, uneven and intermittent.

4. Look at the material: choose aluminum oxide instead of coating. Choose one that looks as transparent as jade, mellow and pure, and don't choose one with black spots.

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