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Major progress in ceramic industry in recent years

November 15, 2021

The production of ceramic products has a long history in China. After long-term development, the manufacturing process has been developed. Especially in recent years, the reasonable adjustment of the structure of ceramic products has catered to the needs of consumers at home and abroad. With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, ceramic products are more and more widely used in life. On the whole, the economic strength of China's ceramic industry is growing.

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1. Accelerate the research and development of raw materials

Give full play to the leading role of advanced ceramic materials innovation research center in scientific research, strengthen in-depth development and exchanges with colleges and universities at home and abroad, conduct in-depth research on raw materials, further promote the professional and standardized production of ceramic raw materials and improve the quality of raw materials.

2. Comprehensively promote green and cleaner production

Encourage enterprises to develop and utilize efficient and clean new energy, reduce air pollution, improve air quality, and actively promote the recycling of ceramic waste.

3. Carry out the pilot of intelligent engineering cultivation

The intelligent chemical plant uses various modern technologies to realize the automation of office, management and production of the plant, so as to strengthen the management of the enterprise, reduce work errors and improve work efficiency.

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