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Analysis of ceramic industry barriers

November 14, 2021

With the increasing demand for high-quality products in domestic and foreign markets, the competition in China's daily-use ceramics industry will be mainly reflected in product quality, brand and channel construction. Nowadays, daily-use ceramics industry is increasingly developing towards the direction of clustering, and the centralized development is constantly strengthened. It has significant advantages in technology, production, brand building and other aspects, which constitute barriers to enter the industry.

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1. Capital scale barrier

Under the influence of adverse factors such as rising costs and raw material prices, enterprises must have large-scale production and reduce costs if they want to maintain their advantages in the fierce market competition. A certain scale requires a large amount of input of time and human and material resources, and the corresponding effect cannot be seen in a short period of time. The overall competitiveness of the enterprise is limited, so it cannot have a foothold in the market all of a sudden.

2. Technical barriers to production

As daily use ceramic products and people's life have inseparable connection, each place to develop strict technical specifications and standards, to product appearance quality, water absorption, thermal stability and so on put forward strict requirements. Therefore, enterprises need to constantly improve the technology of the process, in order to ensure the competition in the market.

3. Talent barrier

The production of products in this industry not only needs advanced modern equipment, but also needs experienced and innovative talents.

4. Environmental barriers

The national energy-saving and environmental protection policies, on the one hand, restrict the construction of low-end production lines with high consumption, on the other hand, promote the transformation and upgrading of some production lines, so as to further improve the entry threshold of the ceramic industry.

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