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Nordic living room metal iron frame fruit plate

The high appearance fruit plate with unique shape is not only the first choice for the party, but also a home decoration. It will take you to appreciate the texture of exquisite life and create a casual and comfortable home. The irregular fruit plate is beautiful, natural and elegant.

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Petal edge design, full of beauty, gorgeous temperament, unique beauty. The iron bracket is firmly welded and fine workmanship. Ceramics and iron art collide with each other, with a strong sense of design, elegance and beauty. Matching with iron art shows the quality of life. The glaze is delicate, light and extravagant, depicted in Phnom Penh, healthy and safe to put food. Anti slip design, not easy to slide when placed. It can be used as a dry fruit plate, a fruit plate, or a storage plate.

Lotus modelling is like flower blooming modelling, compote and place piece coexist, add romantic breath for furniture.

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