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Restrictive factors of China's daily ceramic industry

November 13, 2021

Utensils are one of the necessities of today's society. They play a very important role in people's daily life. Pottery and porcelain can be seen from eating and drinking tea to scientific research. Pottery has been invented since BC. Today, ceramics has become a handicraft and a cultural product of daily necessities, which can not be replaced. With the improvement of people's living standards and consumption levels, there are also some factors restricting the ceramic industry.

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1. Lack of well-known brands

The awareness of brand building in China's daily-use ceramic industry is weak, and it is difficult to see independent brand products in the export market. Today, in the daily-use ceramic market, the leading daily-use ceramic enterprises in developed countries have adopted the high-quality strategy to create their own brands by establishing brand awareness. At this stage, consumers' awareness of brand building is relatively lacking, which restricts the transformation of China's daily-use ceramic industry from product output to brand output, so as to achieve development.

2. Restricted export market

The overseas market is an important sales market for the daily-use ceramic industry. Exports including the EU have set up trade barriers against China's daily-use ceramic products, which has affected the overall operating revenue of the whole industry.

3. Backward product structure

China's daily-use ceramic products are mainly concentrated in the medium and low-end markets such as stoneware porcelain, white porcelain and reinforced porcelain. The problems of insufficient competitiveness, structural overcapacity and backward product structure exist for a long time in high-end markets such as bone porcelain. Due to the lack of competitiveness of high-end products, it is difficult to see Chinese manufacturers in the international competitive market.

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