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Development problems and challenges of domestic ceramic industry

November 13, 2021

The production of ceramic products has a long history in China. After long-term development, the manufacturing process has been continuously developed. In recent years, with the reasonable adjustment of the structure of ceramic products, affected by the economic situation at home and abroad, raw materials, labor and other production factors, there have been some problems and challenges in the development of domestic ceramic industry.

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1. Product competitiveness needs to be improved

The development of most ceramic enterprises in China mainly depends on labor cost and OEM production, and takes price competition as the means of competition. The domestic industry as a whole can not compete with international enterprises in technology, quality and scale, and the innovation ability of product design needs to be improved. In recent years, the labor cost has gradually increased, the price of raw materials has also increased, and the production cost has increased greatly. Therefore, we need the ability of innovation.

2. The influence of independent brands is weak

Although China is a large country in ceramic production and product manufacturing, it lacks brands with great world influence. Due to the lack of independent brands, Chinese enterprises are in a relatively inferior position in the division of labor and competition in the international market.

3. The quality of industrial development is not high

Ceramic enterprises in our city are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. The management and development mode of family style has not changed. The independent innovation ability of enterprises is not strong, and the innovation consciousness needs to be improved. The quality and quantity of high-tech are far from that of advanced cities. Most enterprise products belong to medium and low-grade products, and do not form the brand effect of the industry.

4. Low concentration and small enterprise scale

Due to the small production scale, most domestic enterprises have relatively insufficient investment in R & D, which limits the innovation of enterprises. In recent years, China's ceramic enterprises have begun to try technological innovation and achieved corresponding results, but there is a big gap compared with international enterprises.

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