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What are the driving factors of China's ceramic industry


China's ceramic industry, mining industry, metal smelting industry, textile industry and medicinal material processing industry are known as the five important handicraft industries in ancient China. Since modern times, China's ceramic industry has gradually declined and developed again after the reform and opening up. So, what drives the development of China's ceramic industry?

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1. Modernization of production mode

China is an ancient country of ceramic production and has a long history in the field of daily-use ceramics. China's daily-use ceramics are mainly produced by manual workshops. Under this traditional production mode, expanding the production scale also reduces the product quality. In order to narrow the technical gap with the international daily-use ceramic production process, with the support of government departments, we began to modernize the production mode, equipment and technology introduction.

2. Development of tourism and business services

With the improvement of Chinese residents' income level and the change of consumption concept, China's Hotel, catering and other business services have developed rapidly, promoting the increase of the demand for daily-use ceramics.

3. Comprehensive talent training system

After half a century of accumulation, China's daily-use ceramic industry has gradually established a talent training system composed of three series: scientific research institutes, higher research schools and vocational schools, so as to ensure the supply of talent resources for the sustainable development of the industry.

 4. Adjustment of industrial structure

The ceramic industry is closely related to people's daily life. With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of safety and health, consumers also pay attention to the quality and quality of products when purchasing products, which promotes the improvement of quality in the production of the ceramic industry.

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