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How to understand the characteristics of ceramic gift cup 如何认识陶瓷礼品杯的特点

November 12, 2021

Ceramic cup is a cup made of ceramics, and ceramic gift cup is a ceramic cup as a gift. In daily life, many people like to send ceramic gifts to relatives, friends and customers. Drinking tea and drinking water are inseparable from cups. Giving gifts and cups has become a common existence. In addition to being practical, the cup also has special significance. The homonym of the cup is "lifetime", and a cup means "lifetime"

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1. Practical

People can't live without water every day. Drinking enough water every day is good for their health. Since drinking water is inseparable from cups, ceramic gift cups have rich and diverse types to meet the needs of different people. They can drink at different times and places. Its heat insulation and heat preservation bring convenience to people's life, which is the practicability of ceramic gift cup.

2. Strong Aesthetics

Whether in color, shape or pattern, ceramics have strong aesthetics and appreciation value. The porcelain is fine and transparent, the shape is beautiful and elegant, the color surface is moist as jade, and the shape is rich and colorful. While pursuing the quality of ceramic cups, consumers pay much attention to the design of their appearance. Beautiful shape and unique and innovative design are the requirements of the market for ceramic gift cups.

3. Environmental protection and no pollution

The raw material of ceramic gift cup is composed of clay or a mixture containing clay, which is safe and healthy for human body, does not contain lead and cadmium harmful to human body, is non-toxic and harmless, and will not pollute the environment. Long term use of ceramic cups is a health and safety gift.

4. The delivery is slow, safe and healthy

Ceramic gift cups are high-temperature resistant. Qualified ceramic cups are refined with high-quality porcelain clay in a high-temperature environment. There is no need to worry about chemicals invading the human body.

5. Cultural

China is the hometown of ceramics, which is an important creation of the ancient working people. Ceramic gift cups can be used to hold tea, water and other utensils. They are an integral part of ceramic products and a carrier of national culture. Giving it to the Chinese people represents the common national cultural sentiment. Giving it to foreigners is the affirmation and publicity of our national culture.

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