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Characteristics of daily ceramic industry

November 11, 2021

Household ceramics refer to all kinds of ceramic products for daily life other than art ceramics, architectural ceramics, industrial ceramics and sanitary ceramics. Chinese household ceramics are mainly used in household, commercial accommodation, catering and other fields, among which the household field is the largest application market. So in the market, what are the specific characteristics of the daily-use ceramic industry that attract the application of major shopping malls?

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1. Technology continues to mature: with the development of economy and the rising cost of raw materials and labor, some ceramic enterprises began to use new processes and technologies to replace the traditional production mode, realize automation mode and intelligent control, improve production efficiency and product quality and reduce costs.

2. Acceleration of industry integration: overseas markets pay more and more attention to product quality, while the overall cost of domestic manufacturing industry is rising. In the past, daily-use ceramic manufacturers who did not pay attention to quality problems and relied on low-cost competition in the market were absorbed or squeezed out by leading production capacity. Therefore, the integration process of China's daily-use ceramic industry will be accelerated.

3. Diversification and personalization of products: due to differences in living standards, cultural background and aesthetic standards, there are various differences in consumers' demand for daily-use ceramic products. After the demand for basic functional products is met, the future market will develop towards diversification and personalization.

4. Colored glazed stoneware porcelain will have a broad development in the future: it has the characteristics of green environmental protection, strong decoration and fashion personalization

(1) Green environmental protection: with the increasing attention of consumers to energy conservation, environmental protection and other environmental issues, green products with low consumption, less harm and low emission are deeply loved by consumers. As the representative of medium and low temperature daily-use ceramics, colored glazed stoneware has the characteristics of low energy consumption, green environmental protection and high quality. It will have a broad market space in the future.

(2) With the upgrading of the real estate industry and the continuous improvement of the living standards of urban people, the interior decoration of stores, families and office buildings has attracted much attention. Compared with traditional white porcelain, colored glaze has rich colors and strong decoration. It can appear in the form of fruit plates, vases, coffee cups and other products. As a decorative and practical function, colored glaze meets the needs of people's fashion, culture and personality.

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